Francesco Jodice



Francesco Jodice was born in Naples in 1967. Currently lives in Milan.
In 1995 he starts to work with photography, film, maps and writings.
In 2000 he's founding member of Multiplicity, an international network of artists and architects. Among Multiplicity projects: Tokyo Voids; USE: Uncertain States of Europe; Solid Sea, Road Map. In 2004 he's founding member of Zapruder, a collective based in Milan who carry out research in different fields, ranging from art to international relations and geopolitics, information technology, film making and journalism. Since 2004 he's named Professor of Theory and practice of the technological image, Faculty of Design and  Art, University of Bolzano, Italy. Named Professor of Photography, NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy.

Video Installations / Personal Exhibitions

  • 2008: The chaos theory, Galerìa Marta Cervera, Madrid; Film retrospective_Fair Play, Kunsthalle, Lugano
  • 2007: Secret Traces 1997-2007, Tinglado2, Tarragona; Gabriele Basilico / Francesco Jodice, VM21artecontemporanea, Rome, Italy
  • 2006: São Paulo _ Citytellers, broadcasted Rete Globo/TV 
               Cultura, Brasil
                Ghost in the shell, broadcasted Canal+ Europe, Spain
                Agent Provocateur, galleria Umberto di Marino, Naples
                Rear Window, broadcasted Canal+ Europe, Spain
                Hikikomori, broadcasted Television Española/TV Me-
                tropolis, Spain
  • 2004: Private Investigations, Galerie Mudimadue, Berlin
  • 2003: What We Want, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid
                The Crandell Case, Photo&Contemporary, Turin

Major Projects:

  • 2007: What We Want
  • Since 2006: Citytellers
  • Since 2002: 100 Stories
  • 2004: Hikikomori
  • 2004: Rear window
  • 2004: Natura. The Mersey Valley Case
  • 2003: Natura. Il caso Monte Maggiore
  • 2003: The Gift. 35mm short-film wrote and directed with Sebastiano Jodice.
  • 2002: Natura. The Crandell Case
  • Since 1998: The Secret Traces
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