Hany Abu-Assad



In 1992 Abu-Assad wrote and directed his first short film, Paper House. The film depicts the adventures of a thirteenyear-old Palestinian boy who tries to build his own house after his family’s house has been destroyed. After his second short,
The 13th, Abu-Assad began his first feature project as a director. He teamed up with writer Arnon Grunberg to develop a script that explored cinematic narrative and style in a comedy about a couple in Amsterdam. The film, The 14th Chick, was
the opening night of the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht 1998. Recent works include the documentary Nazareth 2000. The turmoil in a divided and secretly occupied city is viewed through the eyes of two gas station attendants. In 2006 his film Paradise Now won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.


  •    L.A. Cairo (2006)
  •    Paradise Now (2005)
  •    Al qods fee yom akhar (Rana's Wedding, 2002)
  •    Ford Transit (2002)
  •    Nazareth 2000 (2000)
  •    The 14th Chick (1998)
  •    The 13th (short-movie, 1997)
  •    Paper House (short-movie, 1992)

Major awards

Paradise Now

  • 2006 Academy Awards: Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film
  • 2006 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Foreign Language Film
  • 2005 Berlin International Film Festival: Amnesty International Film Prize, Blue Angel, Nomination for Golden Bear
  • 2005 European Film Awards: Best Screenwriter
  • 2005 Nederlands Film Festival: Best Director, Best Screenplay of a Feature Film

Rana’s Wedding

  • 2003 Haifa International Film Festival: Golden Anchor Award
  • 2002 Cologne Mediterranean Film Festival: Grand Prize
  • 2002 Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival: Golden Antigone