V O O M PORTRAITS Robert Wilson

November 13th, 2008 – February 1st, 2009

Curated by
Adelina von Fürstenberg

Commissioned and Produced by
VOOM HD Networks, New York

Organized by
Art for The World, Geneva - Milan

November 12th, 2008



Robert Wilson is an exhibition of provocative high-definition video portraits by epochal avant-garde artist Robert Wilson. Working since 2004 as an Artist-in-Residence with VOOM HD Networks, a US-based television provider devoted to high-definition television channels that commissioned and produced this works, Robert Wilson has created video portraits that combine high-definition’s state-of-the-art clarity with his own distinctive artistic vision, a cross between photography, film, literature and sound.

The portraits, including celebrities, artists, intellectuals, animals, are presented on large-scale HD plasma flat-screens, and each work is accompanied by original musical scores.


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