Pablo Trapero



Pablo Trapero (Born 4 October 1974, in San Justo, Buenos Aires Province) is an Argentine film producer, editor and director.
His movies are known for portraying the lives of ordinary people, and usually involving some form of social criticism to modern society, such as his movie Mundo Grúa (which portrayed the life of a migrant contract worker), or the highly-acclaimed El Bonaerense, which focused on the corruption and the lives of Buenos Aires Province police officers.

He's also known for speaking about taboo subjects such incest, as portrayed in his recent movie as a producer Géminis (directed by Albertina Carri), which depicts a romantic relationship between brothers.


  • 2008 Leonera
  • 2006 Nacido y Criado
  • 2004Familia Rodante
  • 2002 El Bonaerense
  • 2001 Naikor, La Estación de Servicio
  • 1999 Mundo Grúa
  • 1995 Negocios
  • 1993 Mocoso Malcriado

Major awards


  • 2008 Cannes Film Festival: Nominated, Golden Palm

Nacido y criado

  • 2007 Gramado Film Festival: Golden Kikito         
    Latin Film Competition - Best Director,
    Latin Film Competition - Best Film (Longa Metragem em 35mm, Latinos - Melhor Filme)

Familia rodante

  • 2005 Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize
  • 2004 Gijón International Film Festival: Best Director

El Bonarense

  • 2003 Lima Latin American Film Festival: Best Screenplay
  • 2003 Lleida Latin-American Film Festival: Best Film
  • 2003 Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards: Best Screenplay, Original
  • 2003 Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival: Mayahuel Award - Best Film - Ibero-American Jury
  • 2002 Chicago International Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize

Mondo grúa

  • 2000 Rotterdam International Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize, Tiger Award
  • 2000 Toulouse Latin America Film Festival: Gran Prix
  • 2000 Fribourg International Film Festival: Don Quixote Award
  • 2000 Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards: Silver Condor,Best First Film (Mejor Ópera Prima), Best Screenplay, Original (Mejor Guión Original)
  • 1999 Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema:  Best Director
  • 1999 Venice Film Festival: 'Cult Network Italia' Prize
  • 1999 Ourense Independent Film Festival: Special Mention
  • 1999 Havana Film Festival: Special Jury Prize