Runa Islam



Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1970 she lives and works in London. She makes films, video installations and photographic projects in which she distils a profound passion and knowledge of cinematic language and an analysis of the mechanisms which underlie every act of perception. Through the construction of spaces made up of multiple projections, the artist involves the viewer in a game of visual echoes, creating poetic narrations which vary according to the movement of the gaze and the body within them. From the very beginning, Islam has addressed the history of cinema, deconstructing the narrative mechanisms and reconstructing passages, fragments and poetic nuclei.


  • Time Lines (2005)
  • First Day of Spring (2005)
  • How Far To Fårö (2004-2005)
  • Be The First To See What You See As You See It (2004)
  • Scale 1/16 inch = 1 foot (2003)
  • Rapid Eye Movement (2002)
  • Parallel (2001)
  • Dead Time (2000)
  • Tuin (1998)
  • Stare Out (Blink) (1998)
  • Turn (Gaze of Orpheus) (1998)

Major awards

  • 2002 / 2003 Arena, Samling Foundation and NESTA Commission
  • 2001 London Arts, 'Visual Arts' Award
  • 2000 Ford Motor Co & Breakthrough, 'Nuture & Desire' Commission, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, 'Premio Regione Piemonte 2000'
  • 1999 University of East London / Richmix Commission Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst 'Aanmoedigings Prijs '99'
  • 1998 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, 'Acquisitions Prize', NUFFIC Scholarship
  • 1997 Foundation of Sports and Arts Awards Campden Charities Scholarship