Saman Salour



Saman Salour was born in Boroujerd, Iran in 1976 and graduated in Film Direction from the Soureh Cinema School in Tehran. He started his career as a filmmaker by making films at the Iranian Young Cinema Society. He has been the assistant director and programmer of three long features and made a number of shorts and documentaries for TV. Saman Salour was rewarded by several prizes in international film festivals for his first two feature films.


  • Taraneh Tanhaïye Tehran (Lonely Tune of Tehran, 2008)
  • Chand kilo khorma baraye marassem-e tadfin (A few kilos of dates for a funeral, 2006)
  • Aramesh ba diazepam dah (Calmness with a diazepam, 2005)
  • Fereshteh-ha roya ra navazesh mikonand (Angels caress dreams, 2004)
  • Sakenin-e sarzamin-e sokout  (From land of silence, 2004)
  • In yek Sony ast (It’s a Sony , 2002)
  • Bad guissovanat ra shaneh khahad zad (The wind will comb your tresses, 2002)
  • Chand daghigheh sokout (Few minutes of silence, 2002)
  • Daghigheh hashtad  (Eightieth minute, 1998)

Major awards

A few kilos of dates for a funeral

  • 2006 Nantes Three Continents Festival: Golden Montgolfiere

From land of silence

  • 2005 Sofia International Film Festival: Special Jury Award