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Isola dei Pescatori                                                                             

Borromeo Islands

Lake Maggiore

Stresa, Italy


Saturday, May 26 from 17h to 20h30h

Sunday, May 27 from 11h to 17h

Under the patronage of UN Water and the City of Stresa, Lake Maggiore, as part of the traveling exhibition AQUA following Geneva (2017) and São Paulo (2017-2018), ART for The World proposes its Italian premiere of AQUA- a series of happenings, films, small exhibitions and discussions on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May. Happenings will take place on the Isola dei Pescatori, the smallest of the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore, where visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the participating artists' investigations on contemporary issues of water.

The global theme of water is a fundamental theme, its management is one of the major challenges and objectives of the 21st century for the future of all forms of life on Earth. Water is a natural resource par excellence and at the center of the reflections on the consequences of climate change.



Riccardo Arena, Elena El Asmar, Fabiana De Barros, Clemente Bicocchi, Nigol Bezjian, Stefano Boccalini, Benji Boyagdian, Miriam Camerini, Marta Dell’Angelo, Michel Favre, Thibault De Gialluly, Francesco Jodice, Amita Makan, Carlo Ottolini, Luca Pancrazzi, Dan Perjovschi, Steve Piccolo, Augustin Rebetez, Marcello Rohrwasser, Eduardo Srur, Elisabetta Vergani, Vasilis Zografos.




Concept et curatorship: Adelina von Fürstenberg

Scenography : Arch. Uliva Velo                                                                             

Organized by ART for The World in collaboration with Pinuccia Brunella, Giroscopio ; Claudio Cervelli ; Yorgos Efstathoulidis, constructivist ; Christian Oxenius.



By plane at Milano-Malpensa airport or by train from Switzerland, France and Italy. Stop at Stresa. Regular boat service leaving from Stresa, Verbania and Baveno for the Isola dei Pescatori, or taxi-boat services (5/10 min from the shore) from Stresa, Verbania and Baveno. By car from Switzerland, through the the Simplon Pass or Tunnel, highway A26, exit Stresa-Baveno.



Thanks to the Mayor and the Delegate for Culture of Stresa, the Pro-Loco - Isola dei Pescatori, and to all the islanders, who enthusiastically collaborated and made available private places and premises for the installation of the projects. 'AQUA; video-movies, installations and performances.



Under the patronage of                                         and with the support of  










Information on AQUA                                                                                                   

Contacts : Pinuccia Brunella  335 7021321 /

Fiona Mamin :


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