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by Franz Egon von Fürstenberg
Galerie andata.ritorno
37 rue du Stand, 1204 Genève

For the 10th anniversary of artgeneve the international artfair of Geneva, ART for The World present a selection from the photo-archives of Franz Egon von Fürstenberg on the vivid artworld in Geneva during the ‘70 and ‘80.


Franz Egon von Fürstenberg has worked with a large number of artists and exhibition venues around the world and has published his photographs in magazines, newspapers and art catalogues. His  photographic archives  represent a must-see memories, as they contribute to the understanding of the origins,  the encounters, the shows and networks, that created the contemporary art world and its development among the next generations, in the last fourty years.

Andy Warhol.jpg

 Andy Warhol, 1980

5 Meret Oppenheim, Bice Curriger david B

Meret Oppenheim, Bice Curriger, David Bowles, 1985

 2.Francesco Clemente.jpg

Francesco Clemente, 1977

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