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Collective art project/digital exhibition

World Water Joy :
A Work in Progress

Artworks inspired by Water

From April 2016, the artist, ULAY and ART for The World present a new outgrowth of ULAY's  Earth Water Catalogue (2012), under the title of World Water Joy: A Work in Progress, produced by ART for The World.

To celebrate and raise awareness of water related issues, the artist ULAY created Earth Water Catalogue in 2012, compiling an extensive body of water-related works across a variety of media from artists all over the world. As an artistic initiative, the platform addresses ethics through aesthetics of this most precious of natural resources.


The latest project in the Earth Water Catalogue is WORLD WATER JOY: A Work in Progress, produced by ART for The World in the form of a collective art project/digital online exhibition. 

World Water Joy: A Work in Progress aims to raise public awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular to goal Nr. 6 (sustainable management of water) essential to the conservation of our environment and to the future of our planet. The participating artists coming from different horizons work in various mediums including painting, sculpture, video-art, installation, photography, performance, etc. on topics linked to the environment, climate change, dought issues as well as the preservation of water resources. 

Water is a major global issue in the contemporary world, particularly given its essentiality as a provider of life for all beings. When water is under menace, so too are all forms of life on Earth.

We human beings, just as flora and fauna, are like tributaries of water - vital and essential elements. 
World Water Joy: A Work in Progress offers the opportunity to discover new perspectives on these critical subjects through the eyes of contemporary artists.


World Water Joy, 2016 Digital public platform, Courtesy the artist

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