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Collective art project/digital exhibition

World Water Joy :
A Work in Progress

Call for Submission  /  
Artworks inspired by Water


ART for The World is currently developing projects related to water  which are planned for the coming two years. Starting in April 2016, the artist, ULAY and ART for The World present a new outgrowth of ULAY's  Earth Water Catalogue (2012), under the title of World Water Joy- A Work in Progress, produced by ART for The World.

Drawing from ART for The World's network of world-renowned artists, World Water Joy: A Work in Progress is collection, curated by the NGO, of water-related artworks, including audio, music compositions, video / films, photographs, writings, sculpture, and performance. These works will be exhibited digitally, on ART for The World's blog.

To be considered for inclusion in World Water Joy: A Work in Progress, please submit your work before July 30, 2016 to the following address: (via email or WeTransfer) along with the exact title of your work, the date, a short description of your piece (1-2 lines), and a short bio of yourself, including your role in the art community (artist, curator, musician, architect, art student, art critic, etc).

Videos must be in either: mp4, .wmv, and .mov. or links from You Tube (please do not use Vimeo).  Photos should be high resolution 300 dpi minimum.  Audio should be in WAV, or MP3 files of maximum file size 5GB. 


By making a submission, you represent to grant the permission and rights granted herein, royalty-free should the work be selected for inclusion in the World Water Joy: A Work in Progress project, blog and/or website.


A jury of ART for The World shall make a final selection of works from all submissions received for inclusion in the World Water Joy: A Work in Progress project, blog and website. We regret that not all submissions can be included in the project.  

We thank you in advance for your submissions !  


ART for The World's Team


World Water Joy, 2016 Digital public platform, Courtesy the artist

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