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Stories on Human Rights by Filmmakers, Artists and Writers

For the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights



Long feature film composed of 22 short movies 3 minutes each in length, inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Filmmakers and artists: Marina Abramović, Hany Abu-Assad, Armagan Ballantyne, Sergei Bodrov, Charles De Meaux, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Ange Leccia, Runa Islam, Francesco Jodice, Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen, Jia Zhang-Ke, Murali Nair, Idrissa Ouedraogo, Pipilotti Rist, Daniela Thomas, Saman Salour, Sarkis, Bram Schouw, Teresa Serrano, Abderrahmane Sissako, Pablo Trapero, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Jasmila Zbanic 


An initiative of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


Produced by ART for The World


Funded by the European Union


With the support of: French Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affaires, CNC, SESC São Paulo


In collaboration with:

UNRIC, Cuturefrance, KEA European Affairs, Janni, Fauda e associati, NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, Fundacao Padre Anchieta, Dorjefilm, Technicolor, Kodak


Special thanks to:

Communications Section, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva; European Union, European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights; Direction générale de la cooperation internationale et du Developpement du Ministère français des affaires étrangeres et européennes et la Sous-direction de la gouvernance democratique, Paris; Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Paris; Centre national de la cinématographie, Paris; Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage, Council of Europe, Strasbourg; Regional Direction of SESC São Paulo, Brazil; United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe, Brussels; Culturesfrance, Paris; Anna Sanders Films, Paris; Chinguitty Films, Paris, Deblokada, Sarajevo; European Think Tank on Film and Film Policy, Hvidovre; Hazazah Film & Photography, Amsterdam; Hugofilm, Zurich; Kick the Machine Films, Bangkok; Kinofabrika, Hamburg; Kneller Artists Agency, Tel Aviv; Les Films de Là-Bas Production, Geneva; Matanza Cine, Buenos Aires; NDK Production, Ouagadougou; Perceptual Engineer, Auckland



Sara Alonso, Paola Amadei, Martine Anstett, Helen Ardiff, Veronique Arnault, Afsane Bassir-Pour, Laure Beloin, Fiona Blyth-Kubota, Loretta Bondi, Aristotelis Bouratsis, Henning Camre, Alessio Cappellani, Paolo Carta, Brunetto Casalini, Gregory Cornwell, Susan Curran, Parissa de Montenach, Violaine De Villemeur, Laura Dolci-Kanaan, Yvon Edoumou, Michel Favre, Alberto Fanni, Victor Fernandez, Thérèse Gastaut, H.E. Anne Gazeau-Secret, Ivan Paulo

Giannini, Charles Girard, Karine Girard, Alessandro Guglielmi, Rio Hada, Nick Hedley, James Heenan, Leo Kaneman, Nicolas Koechlin, Anne Koistinen, Jessie Kollen, George Korontzis, Richard Kuhnel, Veronique Leblanc, Luc Levy, Andrea Lissoni, Victor Losada, Ben Majekodunmi, Valentina Mariani, Bela Matias, Delphine Matsumoto, Giacomo Mazzone, Sandrine Mbea, Craig Mokhiber, Cecilia Möller, Michael Möller, Marie Christine Molo, Alessandro Montel, Laurence Pais, Eldon Pearce, Bernadette Pierard-Pasquier, Marta Pirolli, Roman Plutschow, Annie Poussielgues, Elena Quarestani, Charles Radcliffe, Praveen Randhawa, Madeleine Rees, Valter Sales, Walter Salles, Fulvio Salvadori, Chris Sanger, Alessandra Santerini, Daniel Schlosser, Franco Serra, Andre Studer, Igor Valas, Saliha Vinatier-Bouima, Christine Wambaa, Michael Weber, Irene Weidmann, Flaminio Zadra, Elisabeth Ziegler, H.E. François Zimeray



Conceived and Produced by Adelina von Fürstenberg

Music by Michael Galasso

Associate Producer: Philippe Kern

Executive Producer: Flaminio Zadra

Legal Advisors: Guido Fauda, Janni & Fauda Associati


Artistic Consultant: Andrea Lissoni

Post-production Supervisor: Franco Casellato

Graphics by Flavio de Marco

Associate Curator and Liaison Officer:Thomas Boehler

Production Assistants:

Alberto Osenga

Francesca Zocchi

Giovanni Sgrignuoli

Laura Frencia

Michela Negrini

Marin Duijvestein


Film Lab: Technicolor S.p.a.

Project Manager: Pierpaolo Marcelli

Editing & Titling: Francesca Di Giamberardino, Stefano Pajetta

Colorist: Daniele Cipriani

Data Managers :Moreno Menchi, Pietro Troilo



The film's world première was held on 10 December, 2008, on the same day and site of the original signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, at the Palais de Chaillot, Trocadero, Paris. Premières were subsequently held in New York, Geneva and Milan.



The long feature and the single short films have been distributed all over the world, appearing in more than 80 film festivals including San Sebastian, Berlin, Rotterdam, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Thessaloniki, Singapore, Shanghai, Ankara, Milan, Prague, Cape Town, Jeonju, Sydney, Brooklyn, Lisbon, Sarajevo, Kiev, Belgrade, Hong Kong, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Hamburg, and Glasgow. The film has also been widely distributed in museums, universities and schools, through international organizations such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights League, as well as via television broadcasts with Arte, Ebu, and Canal +.



- The film was awarded Cultural Event 2008 of the European Council, which recognized a handful of exceptional and innovative artistic projects organized in Europe conveying strong messages related to the Council of Europe’s work and critical issues for European’s societies.

- The short movies: A Boy, a Wall and a Donkey by Hany Abu-Assad, and La Mangue by Idrissa Ouédraogo, N’Dimagou by Abderrahmane Sissako were awarded as Best Short Films at the Cineposible Film Festival, in Cáceres, Spain, in 2010.


Catalogue published by Mondadori Electa, Milan 2008


Runtime: 88 minutes

Subtitles: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish


The Short Movies:

Dangerous Games by Marina Abramović (color, 3 min. 34 sec., no dialogue)

A Boy, a Wall and a Donkey by Hany Abu-Assad (color, 3 min. 11 sec., Arabic)

Lily and Ra by Armagan Ballantyne (color, 3 min. 30 sec., English)

The Voice by Sergei Bodrov (color, 3 min., Russian)

Garish Sun by Charles de Meaux (color, 3 min., English)

Des Films à Faire by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster & Ange Leccia (color, 3 min. 20 sec., French)

What About Me? by Shira Geffen & Etgar Keret (color, 4 min.7 sec., Hebrew)

Trust by Runa Islam (color, 3 min., no dialogue)

Black Breakfast by Jia Zhang-Ke (color, 3 min., no dialogue)

A Water Tale by Francesco Jodice  (color, 3 min. 44 sec., Kazakh)

The Crossing by Murali Nair (color, 3 min., no dialogue)

La Mangue by Idrissa Ouédraogo (color, 2 min. 45 sec., no dialogue)

I Drink Your Bath Water by Pipilotti Rist (color, 2 min. 32 sec., no dialogue)

The Final Match by Saman Salour (color, 3 min., Persian)

La victoire sur les sachets by Sarkis (color, 3 min.15 sec., no dialogue)

Impasse by Bram Schouw (color, 3 min. 49 sec., no dialogue)

Glass Ceiling by Teresa Serrano (b/w, 2 min. 17 sec., no dialogue)

N'Dimagou (Dignity) by Abderrahmane Sissako (color, 3 min.15 sec., Hassanya and Pulaar)

Voyage by Daniela Thomas (color, 3 min., no dialogue)

Sobras by Pablo Trapero (color, 3 min. 20 sec., no dialogue)

Mobile Men by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (color, 3 min. 15 sec., Thai)

Participation by Jasmila Žbanić (color, 2 min. 59 sec., no dialogue)

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