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ARTPORT_making waves

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Sergio Lombardo

Quilt n. 4, “4T MCCT”, 2017

vinyl paint on canvas

400 x 200 cm (2 modules: 200 x 200 cm each)

ART for The World presents the painter Sergio Lombardo at artgenève 2020 from January 29 until February 1st.

Sergio Lombardo had recently two record at Sotheby’s Milan in April 2019



and at Christie’s London in October 2019



Psychologist and artist, Sergio Lombardo (Rome, 1939) is the initiator of the Eventualism, an empirical aesthetic theory, which states that artworks must be free from categorized restrictions, but strictly consistent with a theoretical system. In his long career, started in 1958 with the first Monochromes, Lombardo developed different cycles of works based on experimental methods and scientific studies. This series of works, like the Typical Gestures (1961-1963) or the Supercombinables (1965-1968), are apparently inconsistent with the idea of a stylistic uniformity, but consistent with the Eventualist theory. Through variable devices, Lombardo investigated the aesthetic limits and potentialities of perception and unconscious interaction, offering a new vision and interpretation

of the arts. From 1980 Lombardo is involved in the so-called Stochastic Painting for which he has defined several automatic methods of composition based on the application of random algorithms.


From the early Sixties, Sergio Lombardo joined the group of the “Scuola di Piazza del Popolo” - a movement which included artists such as Mario Schifano, Tano Festa, and Jannis Kounellis. He represented Italy at the VI Paris Biennale in 1969 and in the Venice Biennale of 1970. He has exhibited at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo (1967), the Jewish Museum in New York (1968), the PS1 in New York (1999), the Tate Modern in London (2015), the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (2015), the Dallas Museum of Art (2015), the Philadelphia Museum of Art (2016) and in other prestigious museums in Italy and abroad.

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